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Training on
Auto Brightness and Contrast Control
Imaging Techniques for Practical Bio-Medical Applications
Solutions 4U Training Center @ Puchong
09 - 10 MAR, 2021
" Efficiently Processed, Objectively Evaluated, and Made Available ..."

Bio-Medical Image Analysis has become a major aspect of engineering sciences and radiology in particular has become a dominant player in the field. Recent development have made it possible to use biomedical imaging to view the human body from an anatomical or physiological prospective in a non-invasive fashion.

By the increasing use of direct digital imaging systems for medical diagnostics, digital image processing becomes more and more important in health care. In additional to originally digital methods. Such as Computed Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), initially analogue imaging modalities such as endoscopy or radiography are nowadays equipped with digital sensors. Digital images are composed of individual pixels to which discrete brightness or color values are assigned. They can be efficiently processed, objectively evaluated, and made available at many places at the time by means of appropriate communication networks such as PACS and DICOM protocol. Based on digital imaging techniques, the entire spectrum of digital image processing is now applicable in medicine.


Course Objectives
“Bio-Medical Image Processing” is two-day hands-on practical course on introduction to medical image processing techniques. It will be conducted in a workshop-like manner , with a balance mix of theory and hands-on coding and simulation in MATLAB. Extensive exercises are provided throughout the course to cover every angle of algorithm design and implementation using MATLAB.

Course Methodology
The course begins with an overview of medical imaging, image modalities, and a review on the basic concepts image processing. The image enhancement and image segmentation are introduced in turn, each offering improvement/enhancement. The derivation of the main algorithms are covered to enable better understanding and to provide insight on the conceptual ideas behind these algorithms. Application examples are provided at the end of each section to help reconcile theory with actual practice.

Course highlights
This course is intended as a practical introduction to medical image processing techniques. As such, there will be a series of hands-on exercises which are generally aimed to help translate the theoretical models to practical applications.

Course Agenda

Fundamental of Medical Imaging?
DICOM Format
Image Modalities

• Computed Tomography
• The Formation of CT Image
• CT Number of Brain Soft Tissues
• Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine
• CT Image Conversion with DICOM
• CT Image Presentation
• Window Setting for Ischaemic Stroke
• General Measurement of Performance
• Contrast Enhancement
• Mathematical Definitions of Contrast
• Fundamental of Contrast Enhancement
• Contrast Enhancement of Medical Images
• Histogram Equalisation
• Conventional Histogram Equalisation
• Pros and Cons of Conventional Histogram Equalisation

Image Quality Measurement
• Mean Square Error
• Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio
• The Measure of Image Enhancement

Practical and application specific exercises, and case studies

All cases studies will cover the basic practice by medical doctors, spatial based
transformation, contrast and brightness
enhancement, image representation , image quality enhancement.

• Assisted breast tissue abnormality
differentiation using Magnetic Resonance Images
• Brain early infarct detection through CT-Scan
• Image Quality Enhancement for Endoscopic Imaging System
• Automated Spoligotype Recognition for
Mycobacterium tuberculosis Strain Typing

A basic knowledge of image processing knowledge and some basic MATLAB programing is necessary

Who should attend?
Scientists, mathematicians, engineers and programmers at all levels who work with or need to learn about fundamental of biomedical Imaging concepts and techniques. No background in either of these topics are, however, assumed. The detailed course material and many source code listings will be invaluable for both learning and reference.

Note: Due to the nature of the course, learning expectations, the availability seats are limited. You need to register early to obtain confirmation of your place.

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09 - 10 MAR, 2021
Venue : Solutions 4U Training Center @ Puchong
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