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Training on
Business Analytics 2 for Data Scientist:
Uncover Predictive Modelling, Classification & Forecasting using R Language

Solutions 4U Training Center @ Puchong
17, 18 & 19 MAR, 2021
" Uncover concepts of predictive modeling
and their importance in business decision making ..."
Business Analytics 2 for Data Scientist is specially designed to provide the requisite knowledge and skills to become a successful analytics professional. The essense of making decision by regression data modelling, statisticsal analysis for segmentation / classification for marketing analysis and forecasting techniques help you taking accurate business decisions without being mis-led by seasonal and cyclical impacts.

Course Overview
The objective of this 3 days level-II training program on Business Analytics for Data Scientist is to equip you with predictive modeling techniques for business decision making using R programming language. Today R is the most widely used programming language in data science and analytics space. It is open source in nature and very powerful, hence quickly becoming the language of choice of data scientists around the world. With a vibrant community, number of statistical packages and data visualization tools R is a must have tool for every data scientist. With the
immense skill gap for analytics professionals this data science certification is the first step in this field.
This course has been structured for the people who have already undergone basic training on data science and are familiar with basic statistical and visualization tools for descriptive statistical analysis (refer our curriculum of business analytics level I program). This data science training will make you to become proficient in understanding the business problem, select appropriate predictive modeling techniques to train models to help you making accurate business decisions.


What you will Learn

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:
- Understand concepts of predictive modeling and their importance in business decision making.
- Understand and work on statistical concepts like linear & logistic regression, cluster analysis, classification techniques and forecasting methodologies using R.
- Understand the concepts of model calibration, validation and prediction.


Math skills, knowledge of basic statistics. Preferable with basic knowledge of R from training workshop: Business Analytics I for Data Scientist.

Course Outline

  • Regression Analysis
    Regression is one of the most powerful tools for making predictions by finding patterns in data. You shall learn the basic of regression modelling hands-on through real world cases
    • Simple linear regression
    • Multiple linear regression
    • Logistic regression

  • Segmentation/Classification for marketing analysis
    Learn how to statistically divide a broad customer market into various segments/classes of customers who are similar to each other so as to be able to better target and meet their needs in a cost effective manner. This is one of the most essential techniques in marketing
    • Cluster Analysis
    • Hierarchical clustering
    • K-means clustering
    • Decision tree
    • Random Forest

  • Time Series Analysis
    The ability to forecast into the future is very important for any business and it is necessary to have as accurate a forecasting as possible for corporate planning for finance, sales, marketing, strategy etc. In this module you will help you learn the forecasting techniques help you taking accurate business decisions without being mis-led by seasonal and cyclical
    • Concept of time series
    • Trends, seasons and cycles
    • Exponential smoothing
    • ARIMA

  • Business Case Studies

Who Should Attend
This course is meant for professionals who are interested in extend details statistical and data analysis in analytics industry and are keen to enhance their technical skills with exposure to cutting-edge methologies. This is a great extension for all those who are ambitious to become 'Data Analysts' in near future. This is a must learn course for professionals from Mathematics, Statistics or Economics background and interested in learning Business Analytics.

Note: Due to the nature of the course and the learning expectations, the availability seats are limited. You need to register early to obtain confirmation of your space.

17, 18 & 19 MAR, 2021 @ MY

Venue : Solutions 4U Training Center @ Puchong
10 % Early Registration Discount before 17 FEB 2021
10 % Group Discount for 3 or more from same organization

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