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What's New in The Unscrambler X version 10.2

The latest version has a range of new functions and usability improvements to make analysis data even easier.

Improvements and additions:
- The Import Interpolate function has been included in some of the vendor-specific imports. This allows data to be combined into a single table if the starting and ending points are slightly different from each other.

- Recalculate With New is added as a new feature to PCA, PCR, PLS, which allows the addition of new data to an existing model.

- Improvements have been made in the way ASCII and Excel files are imported.

- Three new vendor specific imports have been included:
. DeltaNu
. rap-ID
. Visiotec

- Export of DeltaNu files formats is now available.

- Digital signatures have been added to File - Security for enhanced data integrity purposes.

- A completely new implementation of the Orthogonal Signal Correction function has been made based on Tom Fearn's algorithm.

- An Interpolation function has been added to Tasks - Transform.

- A new algorithm for Quantile Normalization has been added to Tasks - Transform.

- Mean, Min and Max plots have been added to Tasks - Descriptive Statistics for better data visualization.

- Validation scores and leverages have been added to PCA, PCR and PLS.

- Inclusion of validation residuals added to PCR, PLS and MLR.

- Support Vector Machine Regression (SVMR) has been added to the Tasks - Analyze menu.

- Prediction using SVMR models is now provided in the Tasks - Predict menu.

- Contingency Analysis has been added to Tasks - Analyze - Statistical Tests.

- Plots have been added to the analysis node of Linear Discriminant Analysis and Support Vector Machine Classification

- Compliance Mode has been added as an installation option for those organizations that must meet the requirements of electronic signature and records handling.

- Block Weighting has been added as a new weighting option in the dialog boxes of PCA, MLR, PCR, PLS, SVMR, LDA, L-PLS, SVMC and is also available as an option in Tasks - Transform - Weights.

- Q-Residuals are now available at 6 levels of significance.

- The Discard Residuals option has been added to PCA, PCR and PLS to help reduce the size of the models by removing the large 3-D matrices associated with X-residuals.

- The Search option in Help has been optimized to include the following search features,
. Match All
. Match Any
. Match Exact

- Q-Residuals are now available for analyses performed using the NIPALS algorithm.

- A function to show the Support Vectors is available for plots in SVMC and SVMR.

- Blocking of Designs has been added to Full Factorial designs in the DoE module.

- Inclusion of up to 35 design variables in Plackett-Burman designs

- Design, response, and non-controllable variables are given in the same table for easier analysis

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