Woodward offers an array of rugged electronic control modules (ECMs) for automotive, marine and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Woodward’s control modules have been specified for engine, hydraulic, powertrain, hybrid vehicle and general
purpose control. Our engineers are continually adding new levels of functionality to our ECMs.

Many companies find that specifying an existing MotoTron Control Solutions ECM for their application is a way to eliminate costly tooling bills and is often faster and provides a fast path to production compared to developing a new ECM. For customers with existing hardware solutions, Woodward also supports custom hardware with our tools and software.

Intended for extreme environmental conditions, our ECMs are durable and completely sealed, making them suitable for automotive, commercial truck, marine and industrial applications.

Our modules meet full production, environmental, and packaging requirements. Over 1 million Woodward MotoTron Control Solutions ECMs are currently in the field. Woodward’s ECMs are economical both in small quantities for rapid prototyping and fleet testing, and large quantities for production. They range from 24 pins to 128 pins and come with 16-bit and 32-bit microprocessors. In addition to engine control modules, Woodward offers a full range of sensors, actuators and custom wiring harnesses for complete control systems. These components can be combined to create complete control systems such as engine management systems and are shipped directly to your manufacturing floor.


MotoHawk is an ECU-based rapid prototying tool that shortens the design cycle and reduces costs. MotoHawk provides the ability to develop, test and validate control applications using Simulink / Stateflow models on real production ECU hardware. Models prototyped with MotoHawk can move seamlessly from development into production. ControlCore® Server is a framework for enabling communication and run-time visibility into & around embedded systems. It is also the host for PC applications that require communication, simulation, calibration, run-time analysis, CAN data-logging & validation with respect to embedded modules and their relevant software. Server provides some unique offerings such as Networking CAN buses using a TCP/IP pipe between geographically separated locations.
The MotoTune™ calibration development tool provides all of the functionality needed for typical day-to-day calibration tasks. An intuitive, spreadsheet-like user interface provides easy access to all of the calibration related RAM and ROM parameters contained in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) ControlCore® Embedded is a production validated Operating System with an interface for the MotoHawk Control Software development system. This powerful combination of automated code generation and a configurable production ready OS
Fuse is a visualization appllication builder with connections to system data. Through a drag & drop design surface, Fuse allows non-programmers and design professionals to create rich visualizations connected to the runtime data of real systems. Woodward provides rugged electronic control modules that are especially designed and built for use in harsh automotive, heavy duty and industrial environments. With a wide range of processing power and input/output capabilities, the product line encompasses modules designed for almost every application – from the very simple to the very complex – and also provides straightforward migration paths to meet changing application requirements.
The MotoViewer™ system provides an economical solution for basic ECU data and diagnostic needs. We offers a full range of sensors, actuators and custom wiring harnesses for your control systems.
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