SYSTAT has every statistical procedure you need
Import of numerous file formats like Microsoft Excel™, SAS®, SPSS®, Minitab, StatView, Stata, Statistica, JMP, BMDP™, Arc View®, S-Plus , dBASE®, ODBC, text file and more
Systat General Features which have been added and enhanced in the latet version of the release
SYSTAT can produce for you attractive graphs quickly and conveniently
SYSTAT is a powerful statistical software that has every statistical procedure you need to carry out efficient statistical analysis of your data.
Systat Product Updates



"SYSTAT is a Windows friendly statistics and analytical graphics package. It tackles real-world problems, to quote a few, it displays pollution levels and effects, explores biochemical reaction pathways, studies communication and behavior, conducts clinical trials with repeated measures, visualizes epidemiology geographically and evaluates manufacturing process efficiency. The revised version provides an environment for ridge regression & rank regression analysis. Users can also use Systat for Post-hoc tests for repeated measures and N-Tiles and Percentiles. Systat can also be used for crosstabulations."

-- Top 5 Products by Scientific Computing & Instrumentation, 2004

"SYSTAT (Base 5.01 for Windows) - with its superb graphics, high quality statistical algorithms, and reasonable price - is an excellent choice."

-- PC Magazine - Editors' Choice, May 11, 1993


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