SYSTAT has every statistical procedure you need
Import of numerous file formats like Microsoft Excel™, SAS®, SPSS®, Minitab, StatView, Stata, Statistica, JMP, BMDP™, Arc View®, S-Plus , dBASE®, ODBC, text file and more
Systat General Features which have been added and enhanced in the latet version of the release
SYSTAT can produce for you attractive graphs quickly and conveniently
SYSTAT is a powerful statistical software that has every statistical procedure you need to carry out efficient statistical analysis of your data.
Systat Product Updates



"I have been a loyal user of Systat since it was released on 5.25" floppies. It remains an exceptioanlly flexible and user friendly statistical package that I will continue to use in my teaching."

  -- Roy E. Plotnick, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences University of Illinois at Chicago

"SYSTAT 12 has an exciting and attractive new interface that is user customizable. The new "quick access" menu saves time and clicks for the most commonly used statistics. The new data set format catches up on the competition offering variable and value labels and longer character string values. SYSTAT 12 offers a depth of standard features that no other package offers without having to buy expensive add-on modules. One of the most powerful features is the quick graphs, which by showing the data visually makes us all better statisticians. The same goes for added assumption checking for some procedures. Bootstrapping is now available on most procedures that most statisticians use most of the time and on many others we don't. There is one-click support for interoperability with data sets from SAS, SPSS, Stata and other statistical and data base programs. Perhaps the biggest change in Version 12 is the stunning output. Everything from frequencies to factor analysis results are ready to share with colleagues or submit for publication, and it looks even better in color! I print all my output in color now. Many procedures that I have tried run much faster than in Version 11. There are new features for data manipulation that both add power, but also cut down on typing. Mixed models and robust regression are great new additions that statisticians are clamoring for. It's now possible to look at one data set while analyzing another, a huge time saver. The start page allows immediate access to multiple data sets, programs, and outputs, something that used to require awkward workarounds, such as Notepad. Now it's all in one place, and much faster. SYSTAT has demonstrated yet again that it is the package for the serious thinking statistician, but accessible to nearly anyone who can use a drop down menu. SYSTAT was the first to have a GUI and proves yet again that it still leads all other packages in interface technology. No matter what statistical package a statistician regularly uses, it's worth having a copy of SYSTAT, as well, if for no other reason (and there are plenty), for it's first-class and unequaled graphics, which are even more customizable than before. SYSTAT 12 will clearly prove to be the best value of the major statistical packages on the market today."

  -- Robert T. Brennan, Ed.D., Harvard Medical School

"Although SYSTAT has been around for twenty-five years, this SYSTAT, version 12, is a completely new creation. The look is new, the graphics editing is new, the menus are new, the variable editor is new, and the output has been thoroughly redesigned. The customizability of the interface extends far beyond that of most statistics programs, enabling users in different fields to tailor SYSTAT to their needs. The implementation of value and variable labelling equals or surpasses that of the best survey research tools. In fact, as one examines the program, it is difficult to find any element of SYSTAT that hasn't been thoughtfully improved. Many of the innovations -- Status Bar utilization, the use of balloon tips in the variable editor, a rapid-access "variable statistics" feature in the Data Editor -- should be copied by the competition. These enhancements are not only creative, but highly functional and tailored to the needs of real-world data analysts. About the only things that remain "old" are the quality of the graphics and accuracy of the statistics. I've analyzed large data sets from national surveys for thirty years on a number of statistical platforms, and I would recommend SYSTAT V12 to anyone. I use it daily and ignore the other packages on my desktop."

  -- Carl Desportes Bowman, Professor of Sociology, Bridgewater College
Survey Director, Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia

"I have found SYSTAT 12's ability to facilitate the capturing, transferring and integrating results as a major new benefit in data analysis. It often takes more time and effort to compile statistical results than to perform the actual analysis. SYSTAT 12's superb range of tools, ease of use, exceptional graphics and the new user friendly interface makes it, for me, the preferred statistical tool for marketing analysis."

  -- Eugene B. Lieb, President - Custom Decision Support, Inc.

"I am enormously impressed by what SYSTAT Software, Inc. has accomplished in this new version. The documentation has been completely revised and updated. The interface has been improved to make SYSTAT faster and easier to use but no less powerful. Most importantly, SYSTAT Software, Inc. has added significant new statistical modules. The statistical sophistication of these new modules reflects the leadership of Professor Thriyambakam Krishnan, as well as a team of Ph.D. and M.S. statisticians that is larger than the one we had working on the original SYSTAT. Having an internationally recognized statistician guiding future development of SYSTAT gives me confidence. I use SYSTAT every day for my own research and I am upgrading to Version 11."

  -- Leland Wilkinson, Ph.D., Original creator of SYSTAT.

"SYSTAT is elegant, easy to use and offers options for analysis and graphics that are intuitively laid out. It gives us sophisticated statistical analysis and we don't have to spend a lifetime getting it."

  -- Alan Natapoff, Research Scientist, The Man-Vehicle Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Space Research.

"SYSTAT software is one of the most powerful statistical analysis packages available today. The software's capabilities, such as hypothesis testing and multivariate analyses, are critical components that facilitate my research and contribute to understanding the results."

  -- Ty Vaughn, Research Scientist, Monsanto Company.

"Systat has put a tremendous effort into developing version 11."

  -- Pete Raimondi, Marine Ecologist, University of California at Santa Cruz.

"That such a complex application as SYSTAT can be so easily mastered is probably the program's greatest strength." -- Science Magazine, March 1999.

  -- Science Magazine, March 1999.

"Over the years, products like...SYSTAT by SPSS, ...have come to include an incredible number of features and procedures."

  -- IEEE Spectrum, January 1999

"For most statistical tests that arise from chemical data, the more familiar plots automatically produced by SYSTAT's QuickGraphs provide excellent visual summaries."

  -- Charles Seiter, Computers in Chemistry, November 2000.

"I have had considerable success with SYSTAT as a teaching tool in introductory undergraduate statistics. Students pick SYSTAT up quickly, and I do not spend inordinate amounts of time teaching them the mechanics of the package. In fact, with SYSTAT, I spend less time with the mechanics of computation than with any other approach I've tried. Meanwhile, they are introduced to a powerful, professional level statistics package that will be useful to them in their other courses, and quite likely well into their professional careers."

  -- Robert Madden, professor of biology, Marymount College.
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