Area of Application

ATLAS.ti serves as a powerful utility for qualitative analysis, particularly when working with larger bodies of textual, graphical, audio, and video data. The content or subject matter of these materials is in no way limited to any one particular field of scientific or scholarly investigation. Typical application areas for ATLAS.ti are characterized by a systematic, yet creative approach to analyzing unstructured data.

Common areas of application include:

anthropology criminology economics
educational sciences ethnological studies history
knowledge acquisition legal studies linguistics
literary studies management studies psychology
sociology stylistics software engineering
theology political sciences ....

...and many other document-based research areas.

ATLAS.ti can be of great help in any field where this kind of "soft data" analysis is carried out. While the program was originally designed with the social scientist in mind, it has been put to use in areas that we had not initially anticipated. These areas include psychology, literature, medicine, software engineering, quality control, criminology, administration, text linguistics, stylistics, knowledge management, history, geography, theology, and law.

Especially because of ATLAS.ti's strength in working with graphical, audio, and video data, there is virtually no limit on the types of fields where it can be used productively. New applications emerge constantly. Listed below are a few "uncommon," but nonetheless typical usage scenarios for ATLAS.ti:

  • Medicine: X-ray images, computer tomograms, microscoped samples. Example
  • Anthropology: video taped gestures, mimics
  • Architecture: annotated floorplans
  • History: research video archives
  • Engineering: "exploded" part lists with descriptions
  • Psychotherapy: graphical add-ons (Rohrschach patterns?) to reports
  • Graphology: micro comments to handwriting features.
  • Criminology: letters, finger prints, photographs, incident based profiling
  • Quality assurance: video taped feasibility studies of user interfaces
  • Arts: detailed interpretative descriptions of paintings. Example
  • Publishing: archiving images
  • add your own field of research, study, or professional activity
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