ATLAS.ti runs on Intel-based PCs under the Windows operating system.

For successful installation and operation of ATLAS.ti the following system requirements must be met:

System Requirements

  Recommended** Minimum*
Processor PC: Intel Dual Core, 2GHz
Mac***: Intel Mac with boot Camp or Parallels
Intel/AMD 1GHz
RAM 2GB or more 500MB
Video 1024x768 or better, True Color 800x600, True Color
Available Disk Space 50 MB 50 MB free
Soundcard For processing audio and video data no
Operating System Windows Vista, Windows XP Windows XP, Windows Vista

* Minimum configuration means just that: You will be able to install and run the program. You will be able to perform all basic functions and work with text and multimedia files. But please do not expect to work with larger or a great number of multimedia files or to run auxiliary applications in parallel.

** Bigger is better! The more available resources (especially RAM and processor power) your system has, the more comfortably and smoothly will you be able to work with ATLAS.ti. For work with with multimedia material, embedded content, or for running auxiliary applications we strongly recommend PC systems of a solid mid- to upper-level capacity.

Non-Windows Platforms

Apple / Mac Computers

*** There is NO native Mac version of ATLAS.ti and ATLAS.ti will not work under MacOS. -- However, there are ways to use ATLAS.ti on your Intel Mac.

Unix / linux

There is NO native Unix/Linux version of ATLAS.ti. -- Please look into software that lets you create a virtual or simulated Windows PC environment on your Unix computer. Make sure you have enough system resources (especially RAM, processor speed) left for smooth operation.

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