Features Overview

These features make ATLAS.ti the most powerful and sophisticated qualitative analysis tool available on the market today. Its wide range of versatile tools rightfully earns it the title The Knowledge Workbench:

  • Interactive and automatic coding of rich text, image, audio and video materials
  • “Rich” Text support with embedded active objects (Excel™, images, etc)
  • Use Word™ documents via “on-the-fly” RTF conversion.
  • “Live” editable documents with dynamic multi-project update.
  • Fully interactive margin area with drag & drop linking, coding, merging
  • Intuitive: easy on-screen coding (drag & drop)
  • All units annotatable: data segments, codes, memos, etc.
  • Virtually unlimited number of documents, segments, codes and memos
  • The ObjectExplorer: a hierarchical view of your data.
  • Analyze proximity of coded data with the Cooccurrency Explorer.
  • Visual model building and "mind mapping" with the Network Editor tool.
  • Theory building & reuse: create & transfer knowledge networks between projects
  • Network Editor now features auto-color node visualization
  • Automatic, user-controllable network layout including a toplogical sort feature for project management tasks.
  • Super codes capture hypothesis
  • Hypertext: create and navigate hyperlinks to analyze threads of conversation.
  • Powerful search & retrieve functions with Boolean, semantic, and proximity-based operators.
  • The Object Crawler searches for textual patterns in the project
  • Semi-automatic coding with multi-string text search and pattern matching ("GREP")
  • Export project data to SPSS™, HTML, XML, CSV
  • Quantitative data options: SPSS™, word frequency, and coding table export to Excel™
  • East Asian and Middle Eastern language support
  • Smart Super Families for powerful filters.
  • Create impressive presentations using the XML/XSLT converter. Many useful stylesheets already included!
  • Single compressed file project backup and migration.
  • Table based bulk assignment of primary documents plus attributes (“families”)
  • QUESSY.ti: include actual database content (Oracle™, MySQL, etc.) in your analysis (standard and multi user license only)
  • Join the active ATLAS.ti Forum!
  • Extensive support for teamwork (project merge, packaging and migration, entity authorship, shared documents)
  • 400+ page User's Manual in Adobe™ Acrobat PDF format provided on CD. Reader included.
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